All Out of Hot Water?

All Out of Hot Water?

Repair or replace your water heater in Anchorage, AK

Jumping into an icy cold shower can be a shocking and annoying shock to your day. If you’re tired of running out of hot water, turn to Summit Mechanical Plumbing & Heating of Anchorage, AK for assistance. We offer heater repair and installation services for tankless and tanked water heaters. You can count on getting the hot water you want in greater volumes and in a shorter amount of time.

You can reach us at 907-538-4699 to learn more about our water heater services.

3 signs your water heater needs to be replaced

If you’re constantly having trouble with your water heater, it may be time for a replacement. Here are a few signs your water heater needs an upgrade:
1. It is more than 15 years old
2. It’s making strange noises
3. It’s producing rusty water

Consult with Summit Mechanical Plumbing & Heating about your water heater issues.