Pay for Repairs Now or Face a Flood Later

Safeguard your home with an Anchorage, AK plumbing repair

Plugging small leaks around your home or business is a temporary fix that won’t protect your pipes from long-term deterioration. When life gets busy and property maintenance slips your mind, you may wind up with a nasty plumbing surprise. Why risk unnecessary water damage? Summit Mechanical is the solution to your Anchorage, Alaska plumbing repair problems. Call 907-538-4699 for more information about our experience or the services we provide.

Admit it, that leaky sink is getting old

Is that steady “plink-plink-plink” of water droplets driving you crazy? Cabin fever is far worse when your plumbing system acts up. Summit Mechanical works hard to reduce water damage and offer preventive care. Hire our Anchorage, AK plumbers when you require:

  • Faucet or drain replacement
  • Faucet or drain repair
  • Leaky pipe repair
  • Well tanks
  • Well systems
  • Water line thawing

Contact us to schedule your commercial or residential plumbing service.